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Protein is an essential nutrient for body that helps to fuel muscles. Everyone require protein in daily diet for the right functioning of body. Protein ensures the repairing of body at times and boosts its working. Fitness enthusiast, bodybuilders, weight lifters and sports person requires a definite amount of protein as per their activity level to maintain muscle mass and scale-up their performance. To meet your daily need of Protein Naturyz introduce Protein range including Beginner’s Raw Whey Protein and Light Digest Raw Whey Protein, provides you the additional protein your body require every day. Naturyz Protein supplements get easily absorbs in the body, helps to build lean muscles and speed up muscle recovery.

  • Glutathione Collagen Vitamins and Herbal Extracts Pineapple Flavour 250grams


    NATURYZ Glutathione Collagen consists of 500mg L- Glutathione in Reduced Form, 7G Collagen (Hydrolyzed collagen I & III), Vitamins like Biotin, Vitamin C & E, Herbal Extracts like Licorice extract, Aloe extract and Grape seed extract, Aminos and Digezyme.

    • Glutathione Collagen by Naturyz is made up of 12 essential top quality ingredients. All these ingredients are known to nourish the skin from inside. This is what makes this product more beneficial rather than taking plain Glutathione or Collagen supplement.
    • Glutathione and Collagen are two important nutrients which are responsible for providing structure to skin. Glutathione is a well known antioxidant that manages the production of Melanin in body due to which we get our skin tone. While Collagen is a protein which is known for providing strength, elasticity and structure to skin.
    • Naturyz Glutathione Collagen has herbal extracts which are known to be full of active compounds that naturally heal, moisturize, sooth and soften the skin. It also have Vitamins like Biotin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E which are quite famous for skin care. All these vitamins help our skin to look healthy and glowing.
    • It also contains Digezyme which is a world renowned blend of multi enzymes(Protease, Amylase, Lactase, Cellulase and Lipase), helps in maximizing digestion and absorption of nutrients in body.

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