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Naturyz Calcium Plus for Bone Health

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  • Naturyz Calcium Plus is a powerful combination of Calcium and Magnesium, Vitamin D & Zinc which together helps to enhance the absorption of calcium into bones and make bone health better.
  • It contains 500mg of elemental calcium, which is the safe dosage and gets absorbed into the bones quickly and effectively.
  • Calcium Plus helps to improve the joint structure and joint mobility and adds flexibility to joints.
  • Our Naturyz Calcium Plus is a 100% safe product. It is absolutely vegetarian and suitable for both men & women.
  • Calcium Plus tablets are manufactured under GMP, ISO & HACCP certified facility where the standard & safety of the product is ensured.
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Why Calcium is essential?

Calcium is an important mineral that is required to build and maintain bone health. Calcium is known for its primary structural component of the skeleton. Alongside calcium nutrients like Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc helps the body to absorb Calcium. Although we get Calcium from our diet. Foods like Milk, Cheese and other dairy products are rich in Calcium. But many of us find it difficult to get calcium enough in an amount from a diet alone.

Why our body needs Calcium?

bone health

Support Bone Health

dental health

Promote Dental Health

joint health

Promote Joint Health

balances blood pressure

Balances Blood Pressure

heart health

Support Heart Health

promotes weight management

Promotes Weight Management

Who should take Calcium?

When we stop growing calcium helps to maintain the bones and slow down the loss of bone density which is part of ageing. That’s why Calcium is required by both men and women. A lack of calcium in the body can lead to health issues like Osteoporosis, brittle bones, dental changes, cataract and alteration in the brain which leads to confusion or memory loss. For some reason, women are more prone to problems of Osteoporosis as compare to men. That’s why women have greater requirements for calcium at different life stages. At age ’30s: It is the prime time when women are expected to start losing muscle mass slowly. Calcium support maintaining muscle mass. At age ’40s: At this stage, women need to maintain their optimal health and need to delays the ageing effect. Calcium helps limit the ageing effect. At age ’50s: Women face menopause that causes rapid loss in bone density. Calcium helps to keep bones healthy by fulfilling calcium needs. At age ’60s & Beyond: By the time women reach sixty, the body becomes less efficient to convert sunlight into Vitamin D. At that time as well you require essential bone health vitamins and minerals.

What is so unique about Calcium Plus?

Calcium Plus comes with Added nutrients like Magnesium, Vitamin D and Zinc. All these together help our body to absorb Calcium effectively, leading to better bone health. They are also known to improve bone density, increase bone strength and reduce bone inflammation. Apart from this Magnesium helps to boost energy, build endurance, speed up recovery and support nerve functioning. Zinc assists the body to grow and develop properly. Vitamin D also helps in the calcium absorption in the body and promotes bone growth.

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34 Reviews For This Product

  1. 34

    by Radha

    No side effects so far. I started using it a Fort night back.
    I purchased another lot of Calcium Plus as I found the previous one very useful.

  2. 34


    It really works well,. It does what it Says. I am taking these regularly,. have tried many before these, but had come to a halt as i gave this stuff a try,. and since then no turning back,.

  3. 34

    by Bibek

    Received the original product at low price combo pack in amazon sales.

  4. 34

    by NEELIMA

    I brought it for 260rs in a deal , its was gud deal

  5. 34

    by Kamal Kaur

    Delivered on time. Earlier I was using ostacalcium plus but when I find out this one it’s a better deal. Plus Vitamin D and Zinc is a addition. Go for it

  6. 34

    by TANMOY

    Heavy tablet.. Very strongly working each & every day.. I take half everyday

  7. 34

    by ahmed anamul haq

    Wife used to complain daily during nite about leg pain kind of ticking slight pain.. She’s healthy in weight n working for ngo so has to walk a lot… Tablets worked n she has relief… Consume the tab religiously.. Skipping dose wont help.

  8. 34


    The product is good. But delivery was pathetic i mean this will be the last time i am buying anything from Amazon. I made the payment 2 times but they didn’t repay. The delivery guy had no change nor card payment option. Absolute unprofessionalism shown by Amazon.

  9. 34

    by Mouleswararao

    Bought it recently. Yet to see long term benefits, may be after using them for 6 months at a stretch

  10. 34

    by shash

    It’s better than other vit D tablets I have used, in terms of effect and after taste. I bought it for my mom she has varicose and slight joint pain. Her pain is quite better now after taking this.

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