All Natural Veggie Fruit & Baby Toys Cleaning Liquid 2 IN 1 500ML

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  • Naturyz Veggie Fruit & Baby Toys Cleaning Liquid consists of 10 plant based ingredients like Neem, Amla, Tulsi, Ritha Powder, Manjuphal, Suhaga, Lemon, Gulab, Vinegar.
  • All these active ingredients perform multi action on fruits and vegetables like wash off impurities, dirt, dust, germs, bacteria, chemicals, waxes, pesticides and preservatives effectively.
  • It is 100% safe as it does not contain any harmful chemicals, soap, alcohol, detergents, chlorine, preservatives and other residue. You can use it without any worry.
  • With Cleaning, Veggie cleaning liquid helps to restore the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.
  • Naturyz cleaning liquid contains natural & absolutely safe ingredients which helps to hold the fresh appearance and natural taste for longer time.

Why Cleaning of fruits and vegetables is required?

From farm to market, our fruits and vegetables get loaded with lots of germs, bacteria, dirt, dust, impurities, chemicals, pesticides and preservatives. Eating them without cleaning can pose a threat to our health. It can cause damage to our immune system, nervous system and reproductive system etc. These risk factors make it very crucial for us to clean fruits and vegetables so that we can stay safe after eating them. And these clean veggies and fruits can solve the purpose of providing health and wellness to us.

How to clean Fruits and vegetables properly?

Cleaning Vegetables and fruits with water is not sufficient enough. As water only helps to remove dust and dirt only. Washing them with soap and detergents can decrease their nutritional value as fruits and veggies have porous membrane through which these soap and detergents can get inside. Residues of chemical, pesticide and preservatives cannot be removed easily by washing them.
For cleaning fruits and vegetable properly it is necessary to perform multiple actions to clean all types of germs and bacteria from it. Form breaking germ cycle and performing multiple actions on fruits and veggies Naturyz introduces All Natural Veggie Fruit & Baby Toys Cleaning Liquid.
Naturyz veggie cleaning liquid made up of 10 plant based ingredients like Neem, Amla, Tulsi, Ritha Powder, Manjuphal, Suhaga, Lemon, Gulab, Vinegar.

veggie fruit & baby toys cleaning liquid

How Naturyz helps in cleaning fruits and veggies?

  • Removes Dirt and dust
  • Eliminate Impurities
  • Flush out chemicals and toxic residues
  • Removes waxes and pesticides
  • Removes preservatives
How Naturyz helps in cleaning fruits and veggies

Why to choose Naturyz cleaning Liquid?

    • All Natural
    • 100 % Safe
    • No Soap
    • No Harmful Preservatives
    • No Detergent
    • No Alcohol
    • No Residue
    • No Chlorine
Why to choose Naturyz cleaning Liquid
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All Natural Veggie Fruit & Baby Toys Cleaning Liquid 2 IN 1 500ML
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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Faiz

    Best vegetable cleaner product. now wash your vegetable & fruits very easily. within 1-2 minutes all bacteria and virus will remove from vegetables & fruits. there are many products in market now but this one is really a best because this brand use maximum number of ingredients in this and all are natural plant based or harmful ingredients or chemical in this because of this reason i am using this to clean my kids toys too. Best vegetable & fruits cleaner in this segment. 100% results driven
    3 people found this helpful

  2. 02

    by pooja

    We were blessed with a baby during lockdown and keeping us and the baby safe was our top priority. We would never go out of the house and went only for emergency or to buy essential services . We would wear mask, gloves, body suit to go out to buy essential household items. In spite of all this precautionary measures , they are always possibility that the essential commodities that we are buying might be contaminated at the source or during transport. So washing them under running water or spraying sanitisers on the packets was the only option. So we were looking for any alternative to this and we came across NATURYZ on Amazon and this was just what we wanted. This plant based liquid is perfect to remove toxic germs, dirt, harmful chemicals ,dust , waxes , bacteria, pesticides. It has natural ingredients like neem, Amal’s, tulsi, rose etc. It is very useful to clean baby’s toys as well. This is perfect and I’m extremely happy with this product. It’s value for money I would recommend every one to use this product.

    Health hai toh Sab hai !!! Better be safe then sorry later !!!

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