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Naturyz Triple strength ZMA PLUS Supplement 60 Tablets

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  • 3X more Powerful ZMA: Naturyz ZMA is a triple strength ZMA supplement, which is three times more powerful than regular ZMA products, which makes it an ideal supplement for muscle recovery, muscle gain & muscle power
  • Better than other regular ZMA: Unlike most of the regular ZMA, Naturyz Triple Strength ZMA PLUS tablets made up with 250mg Tribulus Terrestris along with 450mg Magnesium Aspartate, 30mg Zinc, Vitamin B6 & Black Pepper Extract for better results in a just 1 tablet
  • Just 1 tablet daily: With Just 1 tablet daily of Naturyz ZMA Plus supplement, you get the full daily dose while we need to take 3 or more tablets of the regular ZMA products
  • Ideal Magnesium and Zinc supplement: This Zinc & Magnesium supplement is ideal for both men and women needing magnesium & zinc supplementation for Muscle cramps, recovery, tingling or numbness in limbs and muscular pain which are often signs of low magnesium levels in human body
  • Quick & Faster Absorption: Naturyz ZMA supplement has Magnesium Aspartate as the magnesium source for higher bioavailability to reduce fatigue, improve muscle recovery & enhance muscle functioning
  • Ideal Supplement Sports recovery Supplement: Most Athletes, Strength trainers, sports person, Fitness Freaks & Bodybuilders are deficient in magnesium as it gets depleted due to sweating during training, which results in affecting the quality of the recovery. So Naturyz ZMA PLUS is an ideal & perfect choice for Athletes & Sportspersons also
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ZMA: What it is?

ZMA is a health & recovery supplement which contains Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamin B6. According to many clinical researches 7 studies, this is a very effective Supplement for enhancing muscle recovery, increasing muscle size, power and strength and even helping in weight loss.

ZMA supplement for men and women

What does ZMA actually do?

First of all, we should know that ZMA is not a testosterone booster. Yes, many studies shows that it may help athletes, bodybuilders and other sports persons in maintaining higher testosterone levels during their workout or intense training sessions, though it is not for increasing levels of testosterone or the primary muscle building hormone. It’s simply the most effective & appropriate way to incorporate two very essential minerals: zinc and magnesium. As studies says that most of the people in the world, deficient in these minerals. So you must have to take ZMA supplement to fulfil your body need.

Why recovery is crucial for sports or bodybuilding and how ZMA supports quick muscle recovery?

Recovery is very important, because its whole purpose is to allow your muscles & tissues to repair themselves and to engage your muscles that are sore and tired from workout. While ZMA boost up the rate of muscle recovery, increase muscle strength and improves sleep quality.

naturyz zma plus

Naturyz ZMA: 3x more than regular ZMA

Naturyz ZMA PLUS supplement is a high quality blend of 5 powerful ingredients. It has more ZMA than other marketed regular ZMAs along with Vitamin B6, tribulus terrestris and black pepper extract.

zma ingrdeient

Why to choose Naturyz ZMA PLUS?

Simple or regular ZMAs have only Zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6. While Naturyz ZMA PLUS has three times more Zinc & Magnesium than regular ZMA with other important herbs for muscle recovery, better sleep and boost muscle size & strength. This powerful combination of blend enhances recovery and improves strength three times more than other ZMA supplement available in the market.

boost muscle with ZMA plus
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Naturyz Triple strength ZMA PLUS Supplement 60 Tablets
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18 Reviews For This Product

  1. 18

    by Pradeep Kumar khati

    Product is good . All itegradianc are good but .. but there is a melatonin hormone .. which was not necessary for me … that is for deep sleep … But ..long time using this melatonin ..can irregulate sleep cycle. …and other side effects .

  2. 18

    by J.singh

    Only if your body needs…otherwise no need of zma… But overall good product

  3. 18

    by akshay sherekar

    The melatonin dose of 5mg is just right based on my body weight and height,
    Improves sleep quality leading to better results.
    In just a week I got results very much effective for athletes
    would recommend this product to all those who want to buy a genuine product that really helps in post workout recovery.Thank you naturyz..☺️👍👌

  4. 18

    by Asjad

    Purchased it last week… I have been naturyz’s zma from long time… But i have purchased zma plus for the first time… But i must tell you after having this zma plus i feel a different level of energy everytime. I would recommended to have the naturyz’s zma first and then after having that for 2-3 month start using naturyz’s zma plus.

  5. 18

    by Ajay Jeryal

    Tried a lot of other ZMAs earlier but this was the best one. The formula really works. Having just one tablet instead of popping three was really amazing. A must try product by Naturyz.

  6. 18

    by Kartikey Mishra

    A good ZMA supplement to fuel your body with the nutrients you lose during hard workouts, running and cycling. Helped with strength gain as well as sleep cycle.
    Would recommend it to anyone who’s working out.

  7. 18

    by Samarjeet singh

    I am diabetic, Insominatic…but after using simple ZMA and ZMA plus..the level of energy, sugar levels and it supports my workout ,good muscle strength bilt and energy levels..though I don’t use it daily ..only after strong and long helps me recover faster and better .overall good to have with caution NOT a daily supplement ..I did consult my Physician on thsi and my level of activities and medical conditions…be mindful ..👍

  8. 18

    by Saurav Goswami

    Have been using it for the past 2 months. Supplements are something you can’t straight away tell the difference. But this seems a very good value for its money. Quality of sleep has increased drastically and fatigue has reduced drastically.

    Do take these for 6-8 weeks and take a break for a week. I have ordered 2 bottles so would recommend everyone.

  9. 18

    by Pradeep Kumar khati

    Product is good . All itegradianc are good but .. but there is a melatonin hormone .. which was not necessary for me … that is for deep sleep … But ..long time using this melatonin ..can irregulate sleep cycle. …and other side effects .

  10. 18

    by skin heights

    Bought the product again after using once, its good one. helps improving sleep quality and recovering post workout muscle soreness. would recommend this product to all those who want to buy a genuine product that really helps in post workout recovery.

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